The small Narrow-Series is a compact solution for indoor and outdoor access that was specially developed for shopping centres, airports, industry or rental companies.
The narrow entrance width of 0.89 metres and the detachable basket allow the appliance to be taken through any standard door.
The low weight and the variable outriggers allow operations in confined spaces. The Narrow can be manoeuvered with the standard 3-wheel drive with a 24 volt battery power supply, extremely quiet and fume free.


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DL 22N

Working height 21.9 m
Max. horizontal reach 12.0 m
Max. basket load 200 kg
Length  min. / max. 6.53 m / 7.90 m
Width  min. / max. 0.89 m / 1.20 m
Height 1.99 m
Power 230 V / 24V
Weight 2,300 kg

Datasheet DL22N



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