The smallest of them all - but a stroke of genius!
The Junior12 offers a working height of 12 metres and a max. basket load of 120 kgs.  It is a very popular and reliable lift, which can get through every standard door and access hard-to-reach ares. The low weight of 990 kg allows use on almost every type of ground and won't over exert the towing vehicle.
The 360° movement, removeable cage and 230 V power supply are further standard features of this universal genius.
A hydraulic self-propelling is available as an option for the Junior12.


Junior12    Junior12   Junior12 


Junior 12

Working height 12,0 m
Max. range 6,7 m
Max. cage weight 120 kg
Length  min. / max. 5,05 m / 5,59 m
Width  min. / max. 0,75 m / 1,40 m
Height  min. / max. 1,84 m / 2,10 m
Power 230 V
Weight 990 kg

Datasheet Junior12


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