The DL 25 and DL30 are especially developed for the platform rental business with special requirements related to reliability, easy service and working height. In order to ensure a long operating time it is equipped with 8 pcs. 6V batteries, particularly helpful when the working position is frequently changed.
Like all DENKA products the DL Series combines outstanding horizontal reach, fast proportional movement, low operational weight, rotating cages, ergonomically designed controls and high-performance manoeuvring drives.

As an option these platforms can be delivered with a diesel- or gas generator allowing the platform to be fully independent from battery operation.


DL25    DL25    DL25


DL 25

Working height 25.3 m
Max. range 12.00 m
Max. cage weight 200 kg
Length 8.06 m
Width 1.72 m
Height 2.14 m
Power 230 V / 24V
Weight 3,300 kg

Datasheet DL 25


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